Unitas in Action: UA&P awards Dragon Race participants

The Dragon Race awarding ceremony was held last May 6, 2024 at the Li Sieng Gap (LSG) Auditorium, a milestone in UA&P history, being the first-ever university-wide fundraising campaign involving students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, service providers, and sponsors.  A highlight of the event is the ceremonial turnover of checks representing the donations to the Phoenix Scholarship Endowment (PSE) of the Dragon’s Golf Cup Team and the Strategic Business Economics Program (SBEP), donating P2,000,000.00 and P250,000.00, respectively.

Dragon Race is a UA&P Fund Development Office (FDO) project. FDO was established in January 2021 to help the University augment its income through non-tuition revenues, specifically via gifts and donations.  The Phoenix Scholarship Endowment (PSE), the beneficiary of this year’s Dragon Race, will be the University’s main source of funding for the tuition & miscellaneous fees, stipends, and other allowances of Financial Assistance (FA) scholars and Merit scholars with financial needs.  The PSE is an offshoot of the 2017 Art with a Big Heart fundraiser spearheaded by Miguel Tan (USG 2017-2018 Chief Finance Officer) and Jay Regala (BSBAM, 2018).  The proceeds from the 2017 art auction fundraiser became the seed fund for the Phoenix Scholarship Endowment which was institutionalized last November 15, 2023, during the official launching of Dragon Race.

Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog, UA&P President, told the audience during the awarding ceremony: “Your generosity does not just impact people; it transforms their lives and shapes the future of our society. With your continued support, we can ensure that the legacy that defines UA&P will thrive for generations to come.”

Through Fund Development activities, all stakeholders of UA&P are invited to assume a proactive role in identifying themselves more deeply with UA&P’s identity and mission, said Dr. Imelda Estillore, FDO Managing Director. Dragon Race, she said, is a step towards the fulfillment of a big dream: that all UA&P stakeholders grow with the University.  She further expounded that the Dragon Race is palpable proof of UNITAS in action, saying, “You believe in UA&P mission and values, get on board and help us fulfill it!”

Dragon Race Teams

The Dragon Race participating teams were the following: a) School of Economics (SEC); b) School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE); c) Assets and Facilities Management (AFM); d) Dragons’ Golf Cup Team; e) UA&P PEER; f) Financial Management and Reporting (FMR); and g) Child Development Education (CDE) Center. 

The 7 teams that joined the Dragon Race had various fundraising initiatives. 2 schools were represented in the Dragon Race. The School of Economics (SEC) team mobilized their alumni to campaign for the Mid-year Economic Briefing regularly organized by SEC catering to top businessmen.  Proceeds from the briefing will be earmarked for the Phoenix Scholarship Endowment (PSE). The School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE) team made direct solicitations from their alumni and sold second-hand items to raise funds for the PSE. 

The two biggest administrative units in UA&P joined the Race. The Assets and Facilities Management (AFM) team sold dri-fit shirts and joined the fun run organized by the  Association of Building Managers of Ortigas Center, Inc. (ABMOCI). The goal of the fun run is to restore the tilapia population and their habitats in Lanuza Creek while ensuring a sustainable balance in aquatic ecosystems. FMR Team sent out solicitation letters to their bank and corporate contacts. They also produced UA&P polo shirts that they sold to other employees and some of their friends.

The UA&P alumni, in collaboration with SBEP, undertook the biggest fundraising project for the Dragon Race. The Dragons’ Golf Cup team, held a record-breaker golf tournament with 172 registered golfers, highest in the history of Wack wack Golf and Country Club, creating “traffic” in the golf course. Many alumni were happy to have a golf reunion with their friends and teachers.  The tournament included a Junior Division where children of alumni competed. 

The UA&P students made their presence felt in the Dragon Race with the daring projects of the UA&P PEER and the CDE Center. PEER designed student essentials (e.g., pen capsules, cable banks, laptop organizer, etc.) that were supposed to promote mental health awareness among students. The CDE Center held a series of fundraising activities as part of their Dragon Race entry. Their main theme revolved around incorporating lessons of financial literacy into the kids’ curriculum.  The fundraising activities honed the entrepreneurial skills of the kids who made and sold various items like bead bracelets, bookmarks, dyed tote bags, bag tags, and ice scramble.  Their series of fundraisers was capped by a family fun run participated in by CDE and alumni families.

Dragon Race Winners

  • Gold – Dragons’ Golf Cup Team
  • Silver – CDE Center
  • Bronze – FMR Team

Special Awards:

  • Most Inspiring Team – Dragons’ Gold Cup Team
  • Most Sustainable Team – AFM Team
  • Most Creative Team – CDE Center
  • Best Team Spirit Team – CDE Center
  • Young Fundraisers Team – CDE Center

Dragon Race sponsors came from parents of alumni and students, as well as UA&P service providers and partners. Major sponsors were Sionil Builders Corp, UA&P Zhakim, and Shang Properties. The other donors were Megaforce Security, Service Master Facilities Managers Inc., Central Beanery Coffee Co., and SM Supermalls.

From left to right Dr. Roberto Roque, Mr. Jay Regala, Mr. Miguel Tan, Dr. Victor Abola, Ms. Alonica Salazar, and Dr. Winston Padojinog.

Dr. Winston Padojinog and CDE Center kids.

The CDE Center parents and kids with Dr. Roberto Roque and Dr. Winston Padojinog.

From left to right Dr. Roberto Roque, Mrs. Lydia Yuson, Mr. Sofio Angulo, Jr., and Dr. Winston Padojinog.

FMR Team

P2M donation to Phoenix Scholarship Endowment from Dragons’ Golf Cup Team

P250,000 donation to Phoenix Scholarship Endowment from SBEP

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