University of Asia & the Pacific

UA&P is committed to pursue its institutional mission together with all its stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, board members, public and private partner corporations, organizations, foundations, institutions, and all other entities and individuals who would like to support and share UA&P’s mission and values.

Fund Development Office

Fund Development is critical for the achievement of UA&P’s institutional mission, and it is both a task and a responsibility which the University would like to share with all its stakeholders – a vital activity which gives everyone the opportunity to grow with the University and a palpable proof of UNITAS in action.

The FDO has a proactive role in soliciting gifts for the University, serving as a catalyst and enabler for the various schools, centers, and units. Specifically, the FDO shall regularly conduct donor search and promotion activities such as relationship mapping, research, donor tracing, partnership building, networking, identification and creation of funding sourcing opportunities, etc.


How Does UA&P Deal
with Donors?

All stakeholders of the University – especially those who are directly involved in the activities and projects supported by donors – are encouraged to play a proactive role in engaging and nurturing their respective donors, primarily through regular and continuous personal dealings. Through such dealings, donors would ideally get regular updates regarding the undertakings they are directly supporting. It is also through those dealings that the Schools/Centers/Units would normally get to know how the University could help donors in their specific needs (e.g., training and continuing education needs of their employees; possible collaboration is CSR and other initiatives and projects of their companies; personal, spiritual and family enrichment activities for their family, relatives, and employees, etc.).


What are subject to
Naming Rights?

Academic Entities

include, but are not limited to, faculties, departments, schools, colleges, research centers and institutes.

Academic Positions

include, but are not limited to, academic chairs, lectureships, fellowships and research positions.

Student or Faculty Award

means any payment or benefit given to a student or faculty in recognition of excellence, merit, or distinction.



University Property

includes but is not limited to:

When is an endowment fund
required for a naming previlege?

The grant of naming privileges for academic and non-academic entities, academic positions, and student or faculty scholarships will require the establishment of an endowment.

What is the duration of a naming
privilege for a University Property

University property may be named for a fixed period not exceeding 20 years. For extraordinarily big gifts (e.g., covering the total cost of construction and installation of an entire building), the Management Committee (ManCom) may endorse for approval of the Board Executive Committee (Excom) a naming privilege in perpetuity.

Are donation in kind accepted
for endowments?

Only cash donations will be considered for the establishment of an endowment.