Sophia Chua

I’m Sophia Chua, a UA&P Stellar Scholar.

1st Arts and Music Scholar | UA&P Alumna | Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Batch 2019

I would have never thought that I could attend a university like UA&P. It just so happened that when I was in high school, I had a chance to perform in an orchestra as a guest in one of their events. The president of the university was in attendance, and long story short, I ended up becoming the first Arts and Music scholar of UA&P. It may be an unexpected choice for a musician to study business; but in the end, it armed me with the knowledge and skills that many artists need in order to thrive in the world today. I also gained a global perspective that is opening up interesting opportunities for me. I’m excited to explore these opportunities and see how far I can go armed with the education I’ve received.