John Romuel Teña

I’m John Romuel Teña, a UA&P Stellar Scholar.

Merit Scholar | 2nd Year Student of the 5-Year Program of the Master of Arts in Humanities

Incumbent Secretary for UA&P LOGOS
Incumbent Logistics Officer for I-SA

I slowly opened my eyes and turned my head – looking back to where I started. A year has passed and who would have imagined that someone like me would survive a year in college. “Will I suffice the grade requirement? Will I continue to study next year?” These thoughts pestered my mind and promoted self-doubt. It was unbearable – worrying about countless requirements and burdened by the thought of maintaining my scholarship. Despite these, I knew I was not alone. Sabio sheltered me and my fellow scholars, as well as my fellow dragons, guided me along the way. Diligence, excellence, and compassion were the three qualities I held on to as I trudged along the steps towards my journey to success. Regardless of the exigent circumstances that tried to hinder my scholarly journey, I pondered about how they are only temporal and temporary. Once again, I slowly opened my eyes, looking towards where my vision lies and my goals await me. The future was as bright as my identity – I was stellar.