Jasper Agpangan

I’m Jasper Agpangan, a UA&P Stellar Scholar.

Merit Scholar | 3rd Year Student of MA Integrated Marketing Communications

UA&P PEER Aspirant
Candy Rookie Batch 3

Even though I was exposed to performing at a very young age, I was always a shy kid growing up. It took me a long time to learn how to socialize with other people as I used to always bury myself in reading books and doing most of my hobbies at home. This made my transfer from Bacolod, a place I lived all my life, to Manila, an unknown territory – a very hard one. However, I had to learn how to socialize with my blockmates as I would be with them throughout my entire college years. Because I was a scholar, I had to force myself to speak up in class. Eventually my blockmates became my friends. I learned how to be more confident and even join activities that were outside my comfort zone. Being a scholar motivated me to be more organized and responsible, do my best, and give my 100% in every little thing. In my sophomore year, I was asked to be a part of the Candy Rookies roster. I also applied to PEER – the Junior Counselors of UA&P – where I realized my chance to blaze a trail for the younger generation. Freshman me would have never expected that I would reach the current mindset I have today. Talk about growth, right?