Cazzy Ingala

I’m Cazzy Ingala, a UA&P Stellar Scholar.

Arts and Music Scholar | 5th Year Student of the 6-Year Program of the Master of Science in Management

During my first two years of the 6-Year Program in UA&P, I had a difficult time adjusting to the University’s environment because of all the new changes arising from left to right – to the point that I felt I did not belong and all my energy and effort was no longer worth it.

However, things started turning around when I surrounded myself with people who uplifted, supported and encouraged me. In the midst of doubt and disappointment, they became my support system. I became part of the Firestarters, Squadra, and Dulaang ROC, where I eventually found my home.

Despite having to juggle the role of not only being a student-athlete but also a scholar, I learned the principle of time management and the valuable lesson of seeing failure as part of your success. I realised that all the challenges I was going through in terms of academics, organizations, and others, were all part of being a student. Ultimately, to be a perfect student must not be our goal but to fulfill our purpose in becoming trailblazers.

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